Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire for your upcoming appointment. Any questions can be directed to Thank you.

    +++Does the faucet or valve leak/drip?
    ++++++++++++++++We cannot work if a fixture is leaking/dripping.

    +++There is running hot water and drainage in the fixture being repaired.

    +++Electrical outlets and finished lighting is working in the bathroom.
    ++++++++++++++++Not temporary lighting. We cannot tint to match the color with temporary lighting.

    +++Remodeling is finished (no bare subfloor, bare drywall, exposed studs, etc).
    ++++++++++++++++We need a clean and dust free environment, repairs are scheduled as the final step.

    +++Allow 48 hours to cure before use.

    +++Has anyone in your home shown signs of Covid-19 or been in close contact with someone recently diagnosed with Covid-19?

    There will be charges assessed if:
    - We arrive on site and are unable to do the repair and/or
    - We have to return to site due to remodeling dust, dripping faucets, etc.