Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire for your upcoming appointment. Any questions can be directed to Thank you.

    +++Does the faucet or valve leak/drip?
    ++++++++++++++++We cannot work if a fixture is leaking/dripping.

    +++There is running hot water and drainage in the fixture being repaired.

    +++Electrical outlets and finished lighting is working in the bathroom.
    ++++++++++++++++Not temporary lighting. We cannot tint to match the color with temporary lighting.

    +++Remodeling is finished (no bare subfloor, bare drywall, exposed studs, etc.).
    ++++++++++++++++We need a clean and dust free environment; repairs are scheduled as the final step.

    +++Allow 48 hours to cure before use.


    Please mark that you accept the following:

    ++There will be additional charges if there is excessive wait time, inaccurate answers, or we have to return to repair damages or buff dust from remodeling.

    There will be charges assessed if:
    - We arrive on site and are unable to do the repair and/or
    - We have to return to site due to remodeling dust, dripping faucets, etc.