Bathtub Repair Portland

Bathtub Chip Repair Portland

Bathtub Repair Portland

We offer professional repairs on bathroom fixtures – from a small nick or chip up to extensive damage and cracks.  When it comes to a smaller chip repair, we first fill and smooth the area to match the existing contour of the fixture.  We then use pigment to tint a custom color match to your tub or shower.  The repair is then sprayed and blended into the exiting tub or shower surface.

There are many situations where we do repairs on all types of bathroom fixtures:

  • Old and new fixtures
  • Fiberglass, acrylic & porcelain
  • Tubs, showers, sinks & tile
  • Shower door removal holes
  • Holes due to relocation of plumbing fixtures
  • Custom color matching

Bottom Lamination: Designed to Permanently Repair a Cracked Fiberglass Shower or Bathtub Floor

Is your shower bottom structurally sound?  If your fiberglass tub or shower bottom has cracks or excessive flexing,  the only way to properly repair it will be to install a bottom lamination.  We are able to restore and strengthen your shower floor for years to come with our time tested process of installing a bottom lamination over weak tub and shower floors.  Unfortunately, many showers are not manufactured to stand the test of time and develop cracks and leaks.  When this happens, you are at great risk of water damage occurring in your home.  Upper story tubs and showers can leak through the ceiling below, main floor tubs can leak down into the crawl space.  It is common for water to seep into the underlayment of your bathroom vinyl flooring and cause a musty smell and discoloration.  Bottom laminations saves thousands over tub and shower replacements and are a great option when needing a fiberglass shower repair.

The Process

We first drill holes in the bottom of the tub or shower and then inject a high-density foam to fill in the cavity below the fixture to give support from underneath. Next, we make a custom template of the floor of your existing shower.  That template is then transferred onto a premade fiberglass panel that has a gel coat finish.  The panel is then cut to match the template.  The custom cut panel is then laminated,  using a special catalyzed adhesive, over the existing floor of the fixture.  Next, the edges of the new bottom surface are filled and sanded smooth to ensure a seamless transition.  Lastly, we tint to match the color of your fixture as closely as possible and then spray the new bottom to match the existing gel coat of your tub.

This process gives much rigidity and support to fiberglass floors. It is typically stronger after the bottom lamination has been installed than when it originally came from the manufacturer. The job takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete and then needs 48 hours to cure before use. We offer a full five year warranty* on residential jobs and one year warranty on commercial and rental properties.

*Contact us for terms and conditions

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