Bathtub Refinishing Salem

Bathtub Refinishing

Looking for a quick way to make an outdated bathroom look new and fresh?  Look no further.  NW Tub & Shower provides many long lasting services for updating your bathroom and to renew and refresh your outdated bathtubs, showers and sinks.   We offer complete bathtub refinishing Salem.

We use Glazecoat to restore your tub and bathroom fixtures in place.  We resurface steel, cast iron, fiberglass, tile and acrylic tubs and showers.  Glazecoat was designed to look and feel like porcelain and has a beautiful shiny smooth finish.  Glazecoat is used in tandem with a molecular bonding agent that forms a covalent bond with the porcelain on your exiting tub or sink.  Your newly refinished fixture will be completely refreshed and will resist chipping.  It comes with a limited 5-year warranty in an owner occupied home.

To be ready for bathtub refinishing Salem, you will need to be finished with any other bathroom remodeling.  We need a debris and dust free environment to do our work.  You can remove personal items like shower curtains, soap and shampoo bottles and clear off the countertop before our arrival.   We need to have running hot water along with power and lights in the bathroom.   Please be sure that your faucet is not leaking or dripping.  The refinishing technician will carefully cover and protect all the surfaces.

Why should you refinish?  Refinishing saves money over replacement and can be completed in a short time frame.  You will have a new smooth finish that is made to look and feel like porcelain, and it’s easy to clean.  We can also color match to your existing fixtures.  You won’t have to scrub rust and hard water stains anymore.  You can eliminate lead dangers in existing porcelain.  In 4-5 hours, you can have a bathtub or shower than looks brand new!

Bathtub Repairs Salem

NW Tub & Shower professionally repairs bathroom fixtures.  We repair chips, blemishes, cosmetic cracks and structural damage in most all bathroom fixtures.  We are able to repair both old and new fixtures that are fiberglass, acrylic or porcelain.  We do it all!

Tub and Shower Bottom Lamination

If you have noticed a leak or the start of new cracking in your fiberglass shower or tub bottom, we have a process that was designed to permanently repair it.  The bottom lamination process starts by drilling holes in the original floor of the shower.   We then inject high density foam to fill the air void.  Next, we install a custom made sheet of fiberglass reinforced panel over the original shower floor.  We fill and sand and smooth around the edging of the new floor and then tint to match the existing color.  Finally, we spray a new shiny finish over new floor blending it to match the rest of your existing fixture.  All of this can be accomplished in a 4-6 hour time window and, at the end, you have a fully supported shower floor.

Tub to Shower Conversion Salem

At NW Tub & Shower, we work with homeowners and retirement facilities as a preferred contractor to facilitate accessibility upgrades.  When stepping into your bathtub becomes challenging, and you are worried about safety, we have several options for you.  Your options include grab bar installation, walk thru tub cut outs, brand-new walk-in tub installation or tub to shower conversion Salem.

Walk in bathtubs offer safe and soothing options for bathing at home.  The Alexis Walk- in bathtub by BCI Acrylic is the only walk -in tub to offer all five relaxing therapies.  They include hydrotherapy jet massage, air bubble therapy, color chromatherapy, aromatherapy and ozone therapy and purification.  Call us if you are looking to find relief and comfort with a luxurious bath in your own home.

We also offer installation of comfort height toilets, barrier free shower pans, fold down and stationary shower seats and shower head slide bars.  At NW Tub & Shower, we can help with all your bathroom accessibility needs.


New acrylic bathtub liners and shower surrounds can be installed in Salem in less than a day over your existing bathtub and ceramic tile.  Acrylic is a nonporous mold-resistant material, so it is easy to clean and maintain and it is reinforced for strength and durability.  Tub liners are made by taking specialized measurements of your existing tub.   Your measurements are sent to a factory where they molded and form a custom liner to your measurements, so it fits like a glove.  We offer a variety of shower accessories that lets you personalize your new shower and tub area.

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