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Bathtub Refinishing Portland!

NW Tub & Shower offers many options when it comes to updating your bathroom. Whether you need a small chip repair or a complete bathtub refinishing Portland, we are here to help.

Glazecote is a high-tech, chemically bonded finish that completely encases your bathtub, sink or tile. Trulok bonding agent bonds by actually joining electrons with the original surface.  Glazecoat literally becomes part of your existing fixture.  Glazecote resists stains and chipping better than any other refinishing product.  In fact, it’s the only formula resilient enough to be called Glazecoat Tough. Best of all, it leaves your fixtures with a beautiful new look that’s a breeze to maintain.  If you’ve considered replacing the fixtures in your bathroom, you know it can cost thousands.  But with Glazecote, you can get the same new look for much less expense.  Plus, you’ll get Glazecote’s 5-year warranty*.

Our goal is to provide a product that provides many years of enjoyment.  Because our primary source of business is referral, we are committed to service.  We are constantly striving to set the standards for the industry and provide the best quality service available under warranty.

Most of our jobs can be completed in less than one day.  We reglaze all types of bathtubs and showers including fiberglass, steel and cast iron porcelain tubs.  We even resurface tile.  Glazecote is designed to be cured and usable 48 hours after application. This means that you can use your tub in the morning on the day of the job and then again in a little over 2 days, missing only 1 day of use.  We are nuts about neatness and take every precaution to protect walls, floors, and furnishings.

We offer Glazecote in an unlimited variety of colors. Our standard color selections are taken from the color charts of the major manufacturers such as Kohler, American Standard, and Eljer.  We can also custom tint our glaze to match other colors in the room such as wallpaper or existing tile.

Our work is guaranteed* for a full 5 years against cracking, peeling and discoloration and is also transferable should you sell your home.

Our professionally-trained technicians take just a few hours to complete the entire refinishing process.  There’s no mess.  No hassle. Your new finish will give you many years of beautiful shine and comfort and you’ll love the east of maintaining your new finish.  Many times we are able to provide estimates over the phone, so please call NW Tub & Shower for a free estimate and get started on a beautiful new bathroom today.

Why Refinish?
• Cost Savings
• Surface is smooth and easy to clean
• Color match with other modern fixtures
• Stop scrubbing rust and hard water stains
• Eliminate the leaching lead dangers
• 5 Year Warranty* in Owner Occupied Home (1 Year Commercial Warranty)
• 4-5 hours to complete then allow cure time

* Contact us for terms & conditions

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