Tub and Shower Installation

Acylic Shower Stall Portland

Strong & Durable Acrylic Helps Eliminates Lengthy Demolition

New Tub and Shower Installation

Making an outdated bathroom look like a million bucks has never been so easy or affordable.  Ugly grout, outdated colors and hard-to-clean showers can be made new again in less than a day.  Though the technology is advanced, the idea behind it is quite simple:  New acrylic bathtub liners and shower surrounds can be installed over your existing bathtub and ceramic tile or we can install a new tub or shower in less time than traditional remodeling.  Acrylic is nonporous making it easy to clean and maintain and it has been reinforced to insure strength and durability.  It will not chip, crack, peel or discolor.

Shower Surrounds

The new shower surround is custom cut on site to fit the contours of your bathroom ensuring a nice tight fit.  The surround extends from the floor up to the ceiling with a seamless leg extension that comes down the front skirt of the tub or shower pan to the floor.  The seamless leg extension gives much protection from water damage as that area can be exposed to splashing water when showering.  Since the surround is custom trimmed to fit we are able to go beyond the damage from removal of the old shower and eliminate the need for drywall and texture repairs.  The height of the surround can be changed to your specifications and what is the best fit for your.  The surrounds have a bull nosed edge that offers a clean finished look.

Tub Liners

We take specialized measurements of your existing tub.  Those measurements are then sent to the factory where they actually have your exact style of tub on the shelf.  They pull that tub to use as a mold and custom form an acrylic bathtub liner so that it fits like a glove over your old tub when it is installed.  The newly formed bathtub liner is then shipped to our office and we call to arrange an installation appointment.  The tub is precisely installed using patented parts and special adhesives.  The tub liner is then completed with a new waste and overflow cover then caulking the edges with high quality color matched silicone so you are left with an amazing looking new tub.


Add designer window trim, shampoo holders, soap dishes, foot rests, shelves and safety grab bars for your own personalized touch.  Many colors and design options are available.  Our simulated tile options include 4 inch, 6 inch, 11 inch textured and beveled subway tile patterns.  This is also a great time to update your bathroom with new flooring, bathroom vanity cabinets with new counter tops and glass shower doors.  NW Tub & Shower can help with all of your updating needs.

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